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Xenophobia, innit? SWANS is a film about immigration, but not in the way that you think.

This film is about the experience of immigration and displacement, as told through the slightly funny and bizarre viewpoint of a group of people who came to the U.S. as imported Siberian swans. Following a Swan Lake trope, they live as swans in Central Park during the day and work for the man who brought them into the U.S. at night.

It's easier to relate strong messages with humor and absurdism; I want to convey the dehumanizing experience of immigration policy and the desperate measures that many are forced to take in order to come to America and to stay here. The symbolism of the white birds also includes the whitewashing effect that many experience in trying to assimilate to the predominant American culture. 

Also: we're already having way too much fun on set with our international group of cast and crew; each of them will be writing on here a little bit of their own experiences with immigration/foreignness and I will too at one point.

My god the cast is so sexy it hurts my fucking eyes.

Emmy x

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